Review: TOM FORD Lip Color, #27 Bruised Plum

It's the beginning of September, and the "astronomical fall (Northern Hemisphere) 2015" begins on September 23 (I obviously googled that)..which means AUTUMN. The most exciting thing about the fall season other than pumpkin spice lattes, perfect weather, etc.. is the "wearability" of darker colored lipsticks—I think. And I also think I found my go-to fall lip color.

Tom Ford is a brand I've always wanted to try but I've felt too shy to go near his counters at bigger department stores like Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom, TBH. To my surprise, the lady at the TF counter was incredibly sweet and actually more pleased to see me than I her, since she didn't fail to mention "I only ever see old women like me", and we had a good laugh about it.

These Tom Ford "lip colors" retail for $52—a hefty price for a lipstick—which is the main reason why I only picked up one. :,(

**IMPORTANT**: As a heavy-duty online shopper, I HIGHLY recommend you go in-store to check out the colors. Swatch as many colors as you want, ask to try them on, and THEN decide to purchase them. All the online swatches, whether they're on someone's lips or arm, are not as accurate as swatches in-person. I know this is already a must-do for some, but I have a bad habit of purchasing everything online and I'm SO glad I didn't for this lipstick. The lip colors wear differently on everyone. Please go in to the store and ask to actually try them on your lips! Sometimes it changes the color completely.


Of course, these have GORGEOUS packaging. I love the modern, classy feel of these. The metal packaging looks and feels sturdy and I'm pretty sure that the price tag was heavily dependent on it. One thing I wish it had (since these cost $52..) is magnetic closure, similar to NARS Audacious lipsticks, but other than that, 10/10 for packaging.


Tom Ford states that:
Each lip color is Tom Ford's modern ideal of an essential makeup shade. Rare and exotic ingredients, including soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, create an ultra-creamy texture with an incredibly smooth application.

I'm just going to say it. The ENGRAVED TF IS SO ATTRACTIVE.

I chose a non-matte lipstick because (1)I made an unfortunate discovery that my dry lips look terrible with any matte lipstick, and (2)the colder months will be drying enough, and I wanted to avoid the inevitable "overly matte" situation as much as possible. I never noticed it in person but the photos do show a bit of sparkle/shimmer within the lipstick but it's not noticeable at all nor can you feel it on your lips with applied. These lip colors are FRAGRANCE-FREE and has a soft shine finish. They feel moisturizing the whole time you're wearing it, and they really are "ultra-creamy" and lightweight, almost like you're wearing lip balm.

Pigmentation and Longevity

Pigmentation is amazing, but not as heavy-duty as NARS Audacious lipsticks. Some people aren't a fan of the "full-on lip color in one swipe" anyway, and I'll admit that this is more easy to apply.

I haven't had much time to try this lipstick yet, but one thing I quickly caught on while trying on multiple lip colors in-store was that these stain your lips. They're like a tint-lipstick duo, all in one. The lip color lasted a good 4-5 hours the few times I've worn it, which is pretty good considering I was still doing everyday things like eating, drinking, etc. I feel like the stain really helps its longevity.

Personally, I don't think you need a lip liner with this lipstick as it doesn't bleed or emphasize the fine lines that we all dread.

Overall, I give this specific lip color a 9/10. (Honest one point deduction for the price.. Sigh.)

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